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SIP Lumoindong,
Pdt. Paul Sambow Ignatius Lumoindong or better known as SIP Lumoindong (born in Manado, North Sulawesi, - died in Semarang, is a spiritual Minahasa of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. He is an Indonesian national spiritual leaders. Sambow Ignatius Paul Lumoindong well as church leaders. He is known as the Warriors Pinkstergemeente: Vereniging "Pinkstergemeente" in Indonesia. Or called Indonesian Pentecostal Fellowship Church. Term as Secretary-General, a pioneer church in semarang. His ministry is accompanied by many miracles, beginning with her father in August Kops underneath terminally ill to attend worship led Groesbek and Klaveren missionary who was invited by Van Gesel. We worship and pray for her father fell fell unconscious in the power of the holy spirit to be carried at home, the next day she got her father recovered. When he was riding joyfully praise the Lord, so that the Spirit Holy brbicara fulfill the language and given the Holy Spirit.

SIP is also an Entrepreneur Lumoindong North Sulawesi, EMPLOYEES BPM who later in life became a servant of God along with his brother Salem Frits Lumoindong which also releasing all the business office to serve the Lord. He died in Semarang in his capacity as a servant of God and was buried in Semarang. Their descendants became a servant of God whom the child is: Leo Lumoindong, Paula Lumoindong in Java including the Franklin's grandson Lumoindong.



Frits and his older brother Paul is Sambow I Pinkster church originally christened with ten other people. They were the first church service the fruit of the family of Rev.. Cornelius E. Groesbeek / Cornelis Groesbeek, Pdt.George Frederick van Gessel.

F.G. van Gessel off positions with a high salary position (fl. 800, -) in Batavia Petroleum Company (Shell) down to completely devote to the gospel. Before the end of the year, actual number of visitors increased to 50 people. Community consisted mainly of Dutch and Dutch-speaking Indo.
Small Pentecostal community in Cepu experiencing heavy pressure. They mocked and maligned. Identified as an apostate and misleading. Reverend Hoekendijk stressed that even Pinkster Cepu Strong Community, and the miracle happened.
However, by the Lord's work takes tremendous time three months later on March 30, 1923 a great event that one of the first milestone in the history of Pentecost in Indonesia. Full Gospel seed since March 1921 was sown with tears in Bali, started fruiting in the waters of baptism for the first 13 people to the Market Square in Cepu afternoon. Baptism is performed by the Rev.. Cornelius E. Groesbeek, assisted by the Rev.. J. Thiessen, a missionary from the Netherlands. Among these 13 were F.G. of Gessel and his wife, S.I.P. Lumoinding and his wife and August Kops.
Between the years 1923-1928 from the church in Cepu not less than 12 servants of God who receive the baptism of the first in Indonesia to spread the gospel to Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi and Maluku. Among them: Pdt.F.G. Van Gessel, Pdt.S.I.P. Lumoindong, and his brother Pdt.Frits Salem Lumoindong, Rev. W. Mamahit, Pdt.RO Mangindaan, August Kops (SIP Lumoindong-law), Mr.Vicentie.

FS Wonosobo Lumoindong open court, and some trial RANDUBLATUNG in Java, before becoming a pastor he helped pioneer the trial in North Sulawesi and Pdt.Runtuwailan among in the Minahasa services with funding support for services for the servants of God and the construction of places of worship.

HEROES THE VICTIMS Pentecost, Indonesia

Paulus Lumoindong

Paulus Lumoindong, priests, Initiator and pioneer Lumoindong Association, author of historical research and genealogy Minahasa Lumoindong and other fam from Minahasa. Founder and Chairman of the foundation's mission of Prosperous

Rev. Paulus Lumoindong or better known as Lumoindong Polce (born in Wonosobo, Central Java, April 5, 1945 - died in Manado, October 22, 1991 at age 46 years) is a spiritual Minahasa of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. He is an Indonesian national spiritual leaders. Paulus Lumoindong well as church leaders. He is known as: "The Bible way" which means: deliver a lecture, sermon by mentioning an article can be word for word exactly like the contents of the book, even in the spelling and translation. In his ministry in a TRC of a photographer taking pictures and looking shadow angel face. Evangelism with revival fire, the spirit of prophecy, healing, miracles happen in many ministry. He is the successor service Pinkstergemeente Guild, Indonesia.

Padamnya movement began to be felt in the 1970s Pentecost, burning zeal for prayer and fasting fasting prayer bring together those who missed the fire blazing again pentakota movement. Lumoindong founder Paulus Pentecost World Evangelism organization in 1970 along with his friends. Prayer fire that burned along with their fasting prayer team prays for days of fasting along with 400 people in the city of Manado. Thousands of miracles happened that attract many people flock to experience the miracle of healing, God's visit. Some people who have died such as alcohol and traffic accidents tewa then after prayer team pray for the person living rose again. The first prayer is only a small group and has attracted hundreds of priests followed has become an interesting phenomenon in the 1970s. Organizational leaders who feel a 'power' meeting to prevent the movement spread, the leaders of this decision to fire those ministers who joined the prayer Fellowship.
Prayer coordinator who in fact is just a church, in addition kostor fired also in jail on a charge of illegal organization meeting. Ride a presidential decree to combat illegal organizations, reports of large organizations with easy to follow elements apparatus, so W. Pangkey arrested around 5 years, without being faced to the court. This fulfilled the word "You will be entered prison by religious leaders in the name of God". After the arrest and massive dismissals of the priests, since the rise of new organizations in North Sulawesi to obtain legal protection in the assembly, worship. Among evangelism Foundation Gethsemane, Calvary Evangelism Foundation, The mushrooming prayer throughout northern Sulawesi even all over the vine to Indonesia. Now the charismatic prayer group and unstoppable again, have mushroomed everywhere, even the once hated are now regarded as heresy even be justified. Various practices and charismatic prayer group that expands the workings of the Holy Spirit with the manifestation of the gift of healing, tongues, and others also praise with tambourines previously rejected by the management of large organizations have adopted precisely now characterizes the organization.

Paulus Lumoindong also the founder and first Chairman of the Mission Welfare Foundation. He died in Manado to three times after the two got up when his wife and children prayed, fter he was acting under the rose into heaven and get a private house which the Lord's house is more remarkable than the palace on earth, while the house while his wife was built. When she died she was the Chairman of Indonesian Pentecostal church fellowship. He died on October 22, 1991 and was buried in Manado. Her children became servants of the Lord of David DS Lumoindong, Revielviano Offily Lumoindong, Trivijaya E Lumoindong, Vigielia Oral C Lumoindong

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